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Monday, 5 November 2007

Back from Port Victoria

It is quite amazing how much stitching you can get done when there are no children and no house work. Tony & I have had a few days away in Port Victoria it was a lovely break however the weather was terrible it rained every day, but one does not complain about rain in Australia. I started this stitchery while I was away it is the 12 Days of Christmas from Anni Downs book A Christmas Story.
I am not quite sure about the French hens and the Swans as they are stitched in white and do not show up very well - I will think about it and perhaps change them to black swans and brown hens.
I took Clarice and had a great time we went to Port Vincent on Saturday and in between the showers I took some photos. It was really windy but I ventured out onto the beach where a flock of pelicans where huddled with there heads down against the wind. I just love the way they peak out over their wings.
As I got close to them they put there heads up in the air then stretched and made sure I wasn't getting too close and them and then -
they all went back to sheltering against the wind.
The Turns where not as trustful and flew away when I got close. I got very wet feet doing this, when I walked out I thought the seaweed on the beach was dry sadly it was not and as I stepped on it my shoe filled up with water.
This is the view from the cabin we stayed in. Sunset over Port Victoria.

This morning before we left I had to walk to the end of the jetty - here are some of the locals - like all jetties around the world seagulls love to check out what is being caught by the fishermen.


Leisa said...

What a lovely spot Leanne. Glad you enjoyed your time away. Did you do the stitching the size of the pattern or did you enlarge it? It's quite small isn't it. But very cute I thought. What a prolific stitcher you are!! Always looking forward to seeing what you are up to.

Locket Pocket said...

Your stitching is stunning Leanne and I love the birds - there is something so magical and other-worldly about sea-birds isn't there? Glad you had a good break. Lucy x

Sweet P said...

Your photos are incredible. I love seeing the birds and the sunset. Your stitchery is adorable.

Simonetta said...

And' true, is marvelous, when there is no anybody in the house and can freely be sewn! But the moments so they are really little :)))
Great your job of embroider! Compliments :)))

Anonymous said...

Your break sounds great such fab photos and the embroidery is really lovely!

Nicky said...

What a sweet stitchery, are you going to make the quilt from the book too?
Oh and hooray for the rain although i am sorry that it ruined your holiday- we got heaps of rain in Victoria this weekend so we were all celebrating!
From nicky

May Kristin said...

You must have had some wonderful days, despite the "not so nice" weather! It is allways nice to go away for some days! And then returning home is even better! Love those photos! I see that you and Clarice are doing quite well together! Your stitchery is so sweet! You must be a fast stitcher. (I am not!)

corry said...

The pictures are beautiful, you had a wonderful view! I love the stitching you made!

meggie said...

Lovely post!

Anonymous said...

Nice pics ! And your stitchery is fabulous !