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Saturday, 1 March 2008

A disgruntled Mel

Mel had a word to me the other day saying he was not happy with the bag I took him out in.
He said he had seen other monkees being carried around in much better bags have a look here and here. He did have a point it was one that was given to me when I went to a meeting for work. He had a look through my many bags and decided on this one.
He was even more delighted when he realised he could sleep in it.
As he was so happy in his new bag we decided to go for a drive where he got to see this.
This is the big rocking Horse in the Adelaide hills he wanted to climb to the top (I didn't). He also made friends with this beautiful bird.


Mrs Moog said...

It's good to see who's boss in your house!!!
I love Mel's new bag - not only very pretty but comfy and cosy too :)


Locket Pocket said...

That Mel has got good taste hasn't he? His new home is perfect!

Christine said...

Nice to catch up with Mel again. I love the bag he choose. Tell Mel I have been to Gumeracha and climbed to the top of the rocking horse. Hope he's not too envious!

julieQ said...

Pretty, pretty bag for the boss to lounge in!

weirdbunny said...

I wanted t get some peacocks for our small holding, but my son said no way were we to have any ! I don't know why I think they are fab !

Nicky said...

Mel sure is a spoilt Monkey!

Annie said...

That Mel is a character. I like his thinking and his choice with that bag, especially when he could have a little nap in it.

Teodo said...

Nice this bag.
ciao ciao

dutchcomfort said...

Mell is quite a character with a great taste. I can see why he likes the last bag the best!

Grazia said...

I'm like Mel.....I prefer the second bag....I think Mel is a true connoisseur!!!!:):)