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Saturday, 29 March 2008

Mel does the Fleurieu Penninsula

Tony and I have just had a few days away, we stayed at this beautiful cottage in the Inman Valley. It was the most restful, peaceful place and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Project 365

It is not suitable for children which is why we left ours at home Hee Hee.
You can visit their website here.
Here are some of the views from the cottage.




Look they even knew I was coming and had a stitching chair with a light in the corner.


They are not on the electricity grid and generate their own power via a wind turbine. It was the most lovely place to stay.
As you may have noticed Mel came, they allow monkees made of knit but not children.
These were some of the locals.



Mel insistded that we visit some local attractions, the first being.


He wasn't interested in the home made crafts only the Premium wines luckily the cellar door was not open the day we were there or so I lied.


We went to Cape Jervis Mel wanted to go to Kangaroo Island we said we would do that another day. Tony was there just in case he jumped overboard he was soooo depressed when we told him the winery was not open.


We saw the wind farm.


South Australia is so brown we have had a little rain over the past few days but we need such a lot more to make it look lovely and green again.
We then went to Victor Harbor and over to Granite Island.


Doesn't that boy look a bit intimidated by him, perhaps that is because some crazed women threw this green knitted monkee up to him and asked could she take a photo.



There was much talk about pengiuins and Mel was eager to meet one.


I explained that the penguins only came out at night so he had to settle for a cuddle with these.


He had a very scary experience with this very large fellow but we will not go into that.

I had better go now catch up on bloglines and sorry if I have not replied to your comments I will try really hard to do that today. Oh I did get quite a lot of knitting done while I was away will take a photo soon.


jacquie said...

Mel must be exhausted. It looks like a fabulous time. Enjoy your weekend!

Chookyblue...... said...

thanks for sharing the holiday pics.

Ally Jay said...

The photos look stunning. Sounds like a great trip was had.

Mrs Moog said...

Glad you had a lovely time with hubby and Mel! Shame about the winery but it looks like Mel had a great time anyway :)


Cathy said...

Just showed my husband your post about Mel and he is still shaking his head. He can't believe there is a woman out there nuttier than me. I spend lots of time posing my children or pets for photos, but never knitted family members. I will have to try next.. Love your quirky humour!!! Cathyx

dutchcomfort said...

It’s nice to start the weekend with your funny post! Great to see everyone had a wonderful time, including Mel!

Locket Pocket said...

Great photos Leanne - glad to see Mel had such a good time (even if he didn't get any wine!)

Levin said...

wow - the inman valley looks gorgeous. we have driven through a couple of times and it always seems beautiful. one day, when the kids are older, i will make sure i go.
love the rest of the pics - did you get much stitching done?

Teodo said...

These pics are amazing and I think your holyday too.
ciao ciao

Lorraine said...

Poor Mel....green and in front of a horse..he could have been mistaken for food....lucky you were close by to save him!!! Glad you had a chance to get away...we are planning to do that more often - we spent a weekend away in the south east a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it....Looking forward to catching up in Loxton - the way the year is going it will be here before we know it!

Stina Blomgren said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely photos..I loved the cottage...hope you had time to sit and stitch in that chair...and Mel...what good company you had in that lovingly monkey...he is some monkey...*LOL*

Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. What a lovely vacation cottage and interesting sites to see.

Anonymous said...

Mel was a real trooper!! How did the kangaroo take to Mel??

What a site to actually see a kangaroo!

Now I need a friend like Mel!

Great pictures!

meggie said...

Thanks for taking me on your lovely holiday! I have been sitting here laughing out loud at the adventures of Mel!

Grazia said...

Wow!!!!! It's a really lovely place to stay......I'll think about it!!!! :):):)

Wendy said...

Hi Leanne,
Thank you so much for posting on my blog. Yes, My son loves his Uncle David soooo much. I came over to visit your blog to remind myself who you were. How could I ever forget that beautiful brick path. I even have it saved on my computer for what I want in my yard. (sigh) Someday, right? I love your blog and your little Mel. I get a real kick out of him. So cute. Thanks again, visit again anytime.