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Saturday, 8 March 2008

Pin cushion sharing

Over on Lynette & Carey's blogs they have invited us to show our pin cushions this is my collection 3 of which I use and 2 just sit around.
I wonder what the collective noun is for pin cushions?

The other night Lucas asked could he make himself a cup of coffee using a Nescafe cappucino sachet I have that I use if we go away. I warned him I didn't think he would like it but "yes" he could make one.
A few minutes later I hear a rather loud swear word coming from the kitchen. I gather the instructions said add water and beat - this was the result.

With a bemused expression on his face he said"why do these things always happen to me and not Gemma"
There are a million responses to that question but we wouldn't go there - you just have to smile back.

It is going to be another hot weekend 39C predicted for today.


AJMC said...

A caution of pincushions? I'll think of something better soon...but I LOVE the dear little one that looks like a flower! Made of 60deg diamonds I can see, but could you show us the back please? What is it's story?

Beertje Zonn said...

Beautiful your pin cushions!
Kind regards


crafty things said...

"A caution of pincushions" gets my vote. What beautiful pin cushions.

Stina Blomgren said...

Wow...that is some pincushions!!!They are the most wonderful I have seen...sooo gorgeous...I really have to improve myself with my boring ones...
Thanks for showing us theese beauties!
Hugs from Sweden

May Britt said...

Great collections. Is it pockets around the stitched pincushions??

CONNIE W said...

Your pincushions are pretty ones. Ooh, a hot coffee disaster. Not fun to clean up!

Sorrow said...

bummer about the mug, wish i could send you a new one..
The pin cushions ( pin cushi?) are beautiful!

julieQ said...

Very pretty pincushions!! Darn, that mug must have had a fault in it, it looks like the bottom exploded!

Kim said...

Your pincushions are really very delightful! Thank you for sharing them. Sad to see a potentially good cup of coffee and a pretty mug lost to the granite counter.

Teodo said...

Your pincushion are simply Great!!!!

Sorry for the cup of coffee............yes the responses are thounsands...but which one give? They won't understand... A smile is better! :o)
ciao ciao

Locket Pocket said...

That's a fab collection of pincushions! They all go so well together too.

Poor Lucas and his coffee - how did that happen?

Hope your weekend wasn't too hot!

Lucy x

Pat said...

What beautiful pincushions you have. They are too beautiful to use. They are works of art. Did you make them all? Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the kind words. Please come again.

Christine said...

What beautful pincushions - the nicest I have seen. I especially love the stitchery ones - can you remember which pattern you used. The one with the lady looks like it might be a Bronwyn Hayes - Red Brolly design. Thanks for sharing - they are so lovely.

Levin said...

would it be a flock of pin cushions?
yours are gorgeous - were they gifts?
and may i ask what on earth he used to beat the coffee with? perhaps he doesn't know his own strength.
keep cool

Anonymous said...

Hee-hee! Love the cup!!! Sometimes you just wander what on earth they could have done to manage the results!! Priceless moments!! =)

meggie said...

Love your pincushions, specially the one with the Bronwyn Hayes picture! did you embroider it?

That seems somewhat dangerous coffee!!

jacquie said...

I've seen lots of pincushions today...but yours are the best. I love the embroidered one...actually, love them all. Fun to sew with I bet!

Grazia said...

What lovely pincushions!!!!!!..they're so wonderful!!!!!
Advice for the next cappuccino....maybe you ought to fill your mug with lukewarm water (not too hot) leaving a teaspoon inside.....

Lynette Anderson said...

What gorgeous pincushions...maybe I should embroider one for myself. Wonder who cleaned that mess up... Gemma perhaps!

Paula said...

Great pin cushions!

Anonymous said...

I love your pincushions, especially the one with the pretty lady in the hat.

Cheryl said...

That is truly a wonderful collection of pincushions!! A caution of pincushions....I like
that! So sad about the cup accident, but thought what you said
about just smiling back was very sweet. We have all had those times when you could easily get upset, but that would be for no
good. After all we all have accidents happen:-)!

Cicero Sings said...

Hi Leanne,

It sounds dreadfully hot where you come from. I think anything over 25 C is too hot!!

No, those trees won't survive ... the ants are the original culprits, the woodpeckers go after the ants. The tree will become what they call a snag (just an old dead tree). In the holes created, other birds will nest and small critters will hide or take up residence. So the tree has and will play host to a multitude of life. Don't feel too bad for it!

Those are nice pin cushions. I have one that I knit when I was a kid ... that I use to this day ... I'll have to take a picture of it for you! Very simple and the thimble goes in the middle.

Thanks for your visits and comments!

Nicky said...

What a lovely collection! My fave is the Bronwyn Hayes stitchery.

May Kristin said...

Your pincushions are lovely! I don't think I could manage to use the stitched ones, they are too pretty!