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Monday 30 January 2012

A bit of DYI

The area near my sewing machine generally looks like this. I was sick of never finding the bobbin that went with the thread I was using. Like most things in my life an idea floats around my head for a while then it pops out into reality.

this was the solution to my problem.
some wood some dowel some fabric some paint and some modge podge
problem solved.

a bit of DYI

one would never have fixed the problem
the colours in these are not great but I am sure you may have seen this fabric around.

a bit of DYI

On Saturday night after an extremely hot and humid day this storm blew in
sunshine on one side of the house and grey clouds the other
the wind blew and the rain came from a different direction - straight in our front door something that rarely happens.

storm coming

storm coming


Susan said...

Love the rainbow! And you have SO many bobbins and reels of cotton! Wow!

Sheila said...

a great solution to your problem . You could probably sell some at the market's. That storm was amazing, came in so quickly, i sat at my bedroom window watching people flee the beach. They just didn't see it coming from the hills.

Debbie said...
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Debbie said...

Great idea Leanne. Just wondering what the friction pen is used for?

seabreezequilts said...

I was supervising the slippery slide at squids party and looked up to see a great cloud formation with lovely sun runs shining through, ran in and got my camera got ready to take the shot, and then one of the kids banged her nose and got a nose bleed, by the time I got that under control the clouds were all blown away :(

Sue SA said...

Yeah what a great idea, I have the same problem! Love the weather pictures, it has a funny few days, but far prefer this funny weather then 38+C, roll on autumn I say!

Lynda said...


Shay said...

Very clever Leanne!

Chris H said...

Ahhh ya clever wee tart you!
All my cottons are in seperate boxes that have little compartments in them... your's looks better!

Susan In Texas said...

What a seriously wonderful thread organizer! I love the idea of oversized spindles to hold both the spool and its bobbin.

We get crazy weather like that in Texas fairly frequently. I grew up in the north with much more boring (and frigid) weather. Moving to Texas introduced me to fabulous sunsets, double and even triple rainbows occasionally, and LOTS of hail. Your pictures are gorgeous.

Take care,
Susan in Texas

Locket Pocket said...

What a great solution Leanne! I got my next door neighbour to make a wooden spool holder for me a couple of years ago but it isn't as pretty as yours! Lucy xx

Nolle Prosequi said...

Do it yourself (DIY) is a term used to describe building, modifying, or repairing of something without the aid of experts or professionals.

Lenna Green of Stitching Cow said...

This is a great idea, thanks for sharing. Also great to see someone's sewing work area looking like mine!