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Thursday, 12 January 2012

You may have guessed I'm on holidays

This productivity will dry up next week as I am back to work.
These have been such fun projects, they are samples for the shop.
The patterns are by Annie Smith of Country Keepsakes and there are about 5 different hand puppet patterns all with 2 different puppets in each pattern.
Lorraine has all the patterns along with some of Annie's dolls patters which are so very cute.


My 2 had hand puppets and loved playing with them Gemma instantly said when she saw these were are Sooty and Sweep.
They are in a box in the roof waiting patiently for grandchildren LOL.
Shame there isn't more creative childrens play and less TV and computer games.
This is Victor and the other puppet in the pattern is Frankie(Frankenstein).


Meet Marmalade she has Chuckles the clown with her.

Marmalade cat

Marmalade cat

The baby is growing and we are having weekly visits with my girls who are not that fond of other dogs.

Gemma and Honey

Gemma and Honey


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Sooty and Sweep are adorable! My kids loved hand puppets when they were young. Glad to hear you are enjoying your holidays and finding plenty of time for being creative.

seabreezequilts said...

Squid wanted a puppet for xmas but the string kind wonder if she would be happy with these. Love the cat

seabreezequilts said...

forgot to say the puppy is just too cute

Susan Snooks said...

Nothing better than a hand puppet for kids to play with! Yours are wonderful!!!!! And that puppy! Adorable!

Shirley said...

Great puppets Leanne and your girls are just gorgeous.

Lorraine said...

Enjoy the creative time...cute puppets and even cuter puppy!!! Hope the old dogs are learning to play nice!!

Roseanne said...

Love your hand puppet they are so cute. Love that little puppy face is just so cute.

Sue SA said...

Too cute!

Shay said...

Gorgeous and so detailed!

Chris H said...

OMG your puppy is gorgeous.
so are the hand puppets!

Jody said...

your puppets are adorable, but it's your camera strap that I am WILD about! Will you consider a tutorial?

Susan In Texas said...

Honey is adorable! Your daughter is lovely too, of course, but I'm more of a doggie person. 8)

Take care,
Susan in Texas

PS Loved the puppets.

Annie said...

Looks like you've had fun with the puppets - your baby, the hairy one is SOOOOOO cute and I'm not that fond of dogs myself.

Jenny said...

The puppets are so full of character-you have been busy. Honey is gorgeous-love her puppy tummy:) Hopefully your dogs will come round-you can hope!