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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A quilt and the birds

I have finished Tony's quilt and have loved every minute of the process.
It is paper pieced and hand quilted although hand quilting a quilt in Australia in the summer is not pleasant. Here is a mental picture you might want to forget me in my underwear quilting the alternative is me dressed normally with the air conditioner on full blast and the family dressed in winter clothes.

A quilt for Tony

A quilt for Tony

and the label

A quilt for Tony

It has been hot here and the birds in the neighbourhood have been enjoying every bodies sprinklers and bird baths here are some shots I took the other morning.


drying off

missed the bird got the water droplets LOL.

missed the bird caught the drops

Morning dip

Our neighbours bird bath is quite the place to be there is much splashing and quite a lot of bullying.

Morning dip

Morning dip

Morning dip

and then it is up in the tree to dry.

just drying off


Susan In Texas said...

Gorgeous quilt, Leanne. You completed it so quickly too. Tony is going to just love it. 8) Beautiful bird pictures too. The brightest colored birds we normally see here in Texas (where I live anyway) are cardinals. They're just not the same. lol

Happy stitching,
Susan in Texas

Angie said...

The quilt is lovely -- what a beautiful gift. :) And oh my goodness, the birds that you get to watch are absolutely GORGEOUS.

Shirley said...

Lucky Tony and what a lovely label.
LOVE,LOVE,LOVE,LOVE those birds. Like the photo of the Galah's crossing the road.

Susan Snooks said...

Lovely quilt Leanne! And what a wonderful label! I love your idea of recording first/last stitch too! Aren't those rainbow lorikeets beautiful?!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Loved all the pictures and the quilt is stunning! Great finish especially in the heat of summer!

seabreezequilts said...

Great finish, the quilt looks fantastic. At least the birds are cool can't say the same about us humans

Kris said...

Beautiful quilt Leanne! Love the bird photos too. It has been warm here, but not as hot as Adelaide thank goodness.

Sue-Anne said...

Your quilt is gorgeous Leanne, I'm sure your husband will love it. Great photos of the parrots and don't you just love those Galahs!

Pip said...

I just love the quilt Leanne, the label is pretty good too.

We have a bird feeder out back and get great enjoyment watching all the lorikeets and galahs, but after seeing the pictures of the birds enjoying themselves in the birdbath, I'm going to get one to put out there as well.

I'm hand quilting a very small quilt now and I agree, it isn't pleasant in the hot weather, a fan does help.

Lenna Green of Stitching Cow said...

Well done, I am a hand piecer and quilter and live in Australia so I hear your plight!!!! Quilt look fabulous, I am sure it will be treasured.

jodie said...

Lucky Tony, beautiful work and beautiful words. I hear you ..... hand quilting in summer, bit like crocheting a blanket in summer! I have to sit at the table so the blanket is not on me. Lovely bird shots.

Unknown said...

COngrats Leanne! The quilt is lovely but the hours you waste quilting in summer... wauuu!!!

And the label it´s perfect with your wishes and the first and last stich.


Chookyblue...... said...

OMG it is beautiful...........Tony should be very happy.......otherwise he can send it to me.........

quiltygal said...

Great quilt bet Tony is wrapt & such a sweet label ......I have brought some plastic platters to put out in the garden for water for the birds...hope they ust them !!

Jenny said...

What a special quilt with such a special label that brought a tear to my eye! Love the cheeky bird photos too of course:)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous quilt, Leanne!
Beautiful sentiments on the label too! I'm sure Tony will love his quilt.

Once again, beautiful photography!

See you on tuesday!
Cheers ....Ellen