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Monday, 3 February 2014

Hens Day

Saturday was Gemma's hens day. It was a fun day with lots of laughs.

Lisa, Gemma, Shiree and Kylie

Gemma with her bridesmaids.

The girls went all out with the decorations and organising.

They are such lovely girls Gemma is so very luck to have them as friends.

There was yummy food.

Some games




It was such good fun and I must admit at the end of it my drawing was improving.

It could not have gotten any worse I couln't even do stick figures justice.

There were 2 guys one a model the other giving advice.

I think this photo of me says it all really.


Tony had his 3rd round of chemo today the first 2 have been horrid here's hoping this one will be a little better.

Not a lot of sewing getting done here perhaps this week.



Pip said...

Now that is my type of Hens Day, much better than the Pole Dancing lessons or Chocolate making lessons, looks as if everyone had a great time.

Shay said...

Ooh La la – live art drawing eh? The look on your face is priceless. Why didn’t you show the front view in that picture...
Hope all goes smoothly with the event after the hens day...Im sure Gemma will be a lovely bride.

Thinking of you and Tony , and sending every good thought your way that this round of chemo will be a lot less awful than the last two.


Daisy Jayne said...

wow what a hens night, the look on your face tells a millions stories... Thinking of you, Tony and family. hugs

Shirley said...

I note that you have a full frontal vew rather than the rear view!! What a fun idea, very brave men.

Good luck to Tony. You are all in my thoughts.

Lynda said...

Great photo of you! Hoping Tony weathers this round of treatment more comfortably.

seabreezequilts said...

You should have posted a picture of the picture your sketched. The boss's daughter had her Kitchen Tea on Sunday I'll think I'll send him a link to your post.

Fingers crossed that Tony has a better time of it Lots of Love Amanda

Jan said...

Your face in that photo is a picture, Leanne - would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that one. What fun. Fingers crossed that the next round of treatment is kinder to Tony.I've been thinking of you a lot and would love to be able to give you a real hug but a cyber-hug will have to do. x

Sue SA said...

Lordy, lordy, dont quite know what to say, except there are a few quilters I know who might be taking up art classes!
Thinking of you and Tony, know its bloody awful, but just hang onto the thought that the chemo is doing its thing, and will kick that cancers butt! Perhaps you can promise to sign Tony up for art classes post chemo...with lady models of course! ;)

Susan Snooks said...

I am so happy seeing you having fun with your 'life drawing'! You and Tony have been in my thoughts these last weeks. Best wishes to you and your family Leanne! (We're thinking of spending a week in Port Elliott before the tour next year!)

Fiona said...

I have to admit I was not expecting that.... what a laugh...
Hard time for you and Tony .. hope the next chemo goes ok....

Cicero Sings said...

Now I've never heard of "Hens Day" ... or the term anyway ... and never such a one as that ! Most original. Will she be pinning up all the sketches in her abode??? Your Jemma is a very lovely looking gal.

Chris H said...

OMG a naked man! You had to draw him?
What an 'interesting' Hen's Day!
You and your daughter are gorgeous by the way.

Unknown said...

Hi Leanne,
I have just returned from holidays and was greeted with the pleasant surprise of finding your envelope in amongst mountains of paperwork!
Many thanks for my little gift and for the gorgeous card. I LOVE the words and will try to stick to them!
What a fab Hens Day!!!
Wishing you Tony and the family all the very best.
with love
Meron Lord (Melanie Griffiths!!)

Jenny said...

My sunflowers are blooming so I think of you a lot and owner how you and Tony are getting on. I hope the treatment does the trick.
What a wonderful, joyful way to spend the day and what a great idea. It looks like so much fun.xxx

Jodie said...

Oh that last photo just killed me.... your face !!!!
Heres hoping this round is less horrid.