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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

I put my big girls nickers on

I have done a little bit of sewing .........these where all Christmas gifts. I was rather pleased with myself I have always been a little scared of the whole glue/frame thing. I met Nicole last year and her advice was to just go for it, so I put my big girls nickers on and look what I accomplished.

The pattern is Nicole Mallalieu Design / You SEW Girl! - 200mm Chunky Purse Kit

by Nicole .You SEW Girl

It is a great pattern.

It's been hot here in SA but we aren't doing it quite as tough as some of our farmers please visit my friend Chookyblue's Blog ,Chookyblue........ she is having a fairly tough time at the moment. This photo is for her, for quite a long time we have been sending each other photos when we see the moon during the day.

Some random photos from the last few months.

Lucas bought himself a spit I think it has something to do with his love of fires and cooking, it covers both bases.

I have told my neighbour I planted this sunflower especially for her. I planted 6 seeds and this one grew above the fence and in her direction.




Jan said...

Love that sunflower, Leanne. And those purses - well done you! I've only made two - the first one I mangled the frame, the second one was perfect and I've been resting on my laurels since. Nikki's instructions are ace. Thinking of you all - I hope you have something to smile about.

Locket Pocket said...

The purses are lovely! The fabric in the first one is particularly nice :) xx

Lorrie said...

The purses are really lovely. I've been afraid of the whole glue in the frame process, too. Your fabric choices are gorgeous.

seabreezequilts said...

Lovely purses and I love those bees on the sunflowers. I noticed that you had (well victor had) a couple of cooler days than we had here. Daniel's been on camp this week in tents at moana I am sure he will be lobster like when he comes home. Stay out of the heat there will be some relief tomorrow fingers crossed

Sue SA said...

Your sunflowers are great, they look like the real deal, mine looked a bit odd, but were suitably tall enough to impress the kids! Would love to have a spit, hope this means your son is going to be the go to man for family catering events now!
Purses are gorgeous, I have never used this clip top either, so good to know it isn't hard.

Shay said...

Gorgeous purses Leanne. Im in the ‘havent managed to build up the courage “ camp on anything with a frame ! That fabric is perfect too...so pretty!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Those purses are so sweet. I keep eyeing those purse patterns but have yet to have a go...perhaps I need to borrow your big girl pants :o)

Hope you start to get some reprieve in the weather...shame England can't send you its extra water!

Jenny said...

Love those purses-those big girl knickers suit you well! Your sunflowers are huge love the bee shots. Mine were lovely but not that big-maybe I planted too many close together