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Wednesday 12 February 2014

Smoke Haze

Just back from a short walk. It is much cooler down here than in Adelaide.

I took these photos to show the smoke haze that has blown in, it makes me think if it is like that here how terrible it must be close to the fires.
I presume this is blowing in from Victoria.





Sue SA said...

Its always disconcerting when you can see and smell smoke, but know there should be no fires close by.

Susan said...

Yes, it has been hanging around here in Melbourne for the last couple of days! It was far to close to the city for my liking! Thankfully houses can be re-built; hopefully lives too!

seabreezequilts said...

Could be the Bangor Fire, Chris says it is pretty bad and out of control... lots of people from his work are helping fight it. He says they are hoping the forecast rain will help put it out.

Annie said...

It's been smokey here for 2 days, and this afternoon there was a fire at the end of our street, but controlled quickly. Thinking of you Leanne. The beach walks look like great solace for you.

julieQ said...

I just hate to see this fire and so many people are affected!

sandra said...

The CFS said on their website the smoke haze is from Vic. The Bangor fire is pretty devastating. I have family up there.

Daisy Jayne said...

this apart from the lovely sea view is whats it is like travelling to work this morning in the Riverland, it is so heart breaking to know that so many people are seeing is a different way

Susan In Texas said...

Those pictures make my asthma flare just looking at them. We get that a lot in Texas. Wildfires thousands of miles away will haze up the sky for weeks. Praying for rain to end the drought in NSW and this terrible fire.

Take care,
Susan in Texas