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Saturday 17 November 2007


A bit of weather news for my blog friends in the northern hemisphere it was 37.8 degrees C here in Adelaide yesterday.
I have been making bowls this week. I saw one on a blog a few weeks ago and thought they looked interesting. I wish I could remember which blog I saw them on but when I tried to get back there I had wandered too far and couldn't retrace my steps. I hate it when I can not give recognition to someone who has inspired me. Pat from Bit & Pieces has just jogged my memory with her comment - this is where I first saw fabric bowls thanks Pat.
This was my first attempt when I bought the material I had imagined it to turn out more blue than it did. I took me about 2 hours from start to finish.
This was my second attempt and I did well with the fabric as it turned out blue, I couldn't really go wrong it was basically blue fabric. I made this as a gift for a friend. I even managed to make them different shapes.
I stitched a label for the bottom.
This is the book they come from I bought it from here. I find it amazing that in Australia I can buy a book from Amazon for less than I would pay here order it and get it in about 5 days. Post from one side of Australia to the other takes longer than that. I did ring a few local shops and they said they would have to order it and it would take 6 weeks.


Pat said...

hi Leanne,
You may have seen the bowls on my blog. I love making them and they do go fast. You did a great job on yours. I made a pie for a friend yesterday for her birthday. I made a carrier for the pie plaate to fit in. I am not sure if she liked the pie or the carrier better. Have fun.

Grazia said...

They're very cute!!!
It' s a great idea making bowls with fabric strips!

Locket Pocket said...

They are fabulous bowls Leanne - I'm off to Pat's blog now to see hers too! How do you do them? Lucy x

Knot Garden said...

They are absolutely great - I love the blue one. The label is the perfect finishing touch.

Gail said...

I love them too!!! Thank you soooo much for the yummy blue one....I am a very lucky girl!!

corry said...

Hoi Leanne, I love the bowls! I've to go to amazone for that book too, sounds great!

Katie said...

What fun. I love the bowls. Thank you!

meggie said...

It somehow seems ludicrous to think we can get post from overseas faster than from East to West.
Very interesting looking bowls!

Annie said...

Those bowls are AMAZING! I was very interested in those. I'm also off to Pat's site to look at hers and then Amazon. What fantastic ideas we are all discovering through blogging. I LOVE it! Thanks for visiting.