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Saturday 28 June 2008

A few things

About a week ago Chookyblue had a little give away and I was luck enough to receive this yesterday when the postie called. I am now the proud owner of some original Chookyblue cards so thanks for that Donna.


Lynette Anderson showed us her lovely new key ring and ask for us to do the same(there is a give away attached to it). This is mine.....my weight watchers reaching goal and my St Christopher.


I thought I might show you my old key ring....... I won a few prizes at Quiz nights with it. When they ask for the most unusual thing anyone had in their handbag.........not many people could top a cord clamp those who have worked in maternity might recognise it, for those who haven't it is the clap you put on the babies umbilical cord after birth.


Leanne Beasley asked about tins we love.... this is mine for as long as my memory serves me my gran kept her buttons in this tin.


But the thing that I love the most about it is, it still has the label sticky taped to the bottom.... have a read is this tin older than you? it's older than me.
The fact that they are still making Monte Carlos.



Leisa said...

What a lucky girl to receive some beautiful cards. I love your tin and the label - yes definately older than me too!

Christine said...

Love your tin ... older than me too. Lucky you winning Chookyblue's cards. Good on ya!

Jodie said...

The cord clamp is soo funny. beautiful tin and yes, older than me too.

Helz said...

As your blog was loading I caught a glimpse of the cord clamp & I thought surely that's not... But sure enough!!! Made me remember the nurseries full of Babies all so different from each other I soooo totally loved working with the Newborns... How gorgeous is your Tin!

Sweet P said...

Your tin is great. Definitely a keeper. I don't think I could top your key ring.

Locket Pocket said...

What a lovely tin Leanne! And your unusual key ring is great! Lucy x

Stina Blomgren said...

Lovely cards from Donna!!! Love them..lucky you!!
And I laughed when I saw the white little "thing" and recognized it immediatly...I do have a blue one spared from my first daughter... :0) And I love your tin...treasures like that keep our memories alive...and yepp the tin is older than me...;D

Lorraine said...

Hey.....I had just had my second birthday when that tine was new!! ....hmmmm can't say I have a cord clamp in my collection...my key ring is really boring....the car key, the house key and a Honda key ring.....and I see the litte Harrods ring there on yours...nice..!

Anonymous said...

Would you believe I have that exact tin that I use to keep my craft utensils(grey lead pencils, sharpener, compass, rotary cutter,etc). I bought it at local secondhand place a couple of months ago for $8, had to have it.

Levin said...

I love the tin - I love things with a history. Unfortunately for me, my mother kept her buttons in an old icecream container which was plastic and brown - not quite the same.....
I recognised the cord clamp - I have one floating around my bedroom - they have wonderful memories attached to them.

Kris said...

Yes!!! I feel young. Your tin is definitely older than me. I love your cord clamp too. I've seen a few of them in my time. In fact, one giant baby I gave birth to had to have two clamps put on to clamp the cord effectively.