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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

My lake friends

All you girls who like to take photos I thought you might be interested in a photo swap. It is through a Flickr group called Scent of water photo swap.
Join up date is the 1st July it looks like fun.
Thought I'd share some snaps........ the pelicans down on the lake where all up on the bank having their morning clean when I got back from my walk.

Morning walk

Not that I can tell them apart but there is usually 6 or 7 pelicans there and this one is always there I often wondered what the tag was...... now I know.

Morning walk

I was a bit sad to see this

Morning walk

I rang an organisation who rescue injured water birds and they said they would try and catch him/her to remove the hook however it didn't seem to worry him.

They are really amazing don't you just love the colours in this bill.

Morning walk

and the little hook on the end.

Much cleaning is done

Morning walk

Morning walkMorning walk

Morning walkMorning walk

Morning walkMorning walk


Annie said...

Great photos!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your photos are amazing Leanne - as always! Pelicans always look so majestic.

Cicero Sings said...

Amazing looking birds ... and great photos of them!

Helz said...

Great Shots Leanne... The pelican's yellow eye is so vivid & the blue/grey lines on the beak.

Sorrow said...

Your Photo's always are so lovely! I like how it looks like the one fella is smiling!

Stina Blomgren said...

As always...wonderful pictures Leanne!! Love them!

jacquie said...

As usual I want to accompany you on your walk. These guys (gals?) are amazing. We saw pelicans on our trip, but I couldn't get close enough to get a good picture. You did such a great job capturing the beauty of these birds!

Jean said...

Sorry to see the fishing line on the one. But isn't it great that there is an organization that will try to help!
I think the eyes are wonderful. I can imagine that seeing expression would be hard though. Do birds have expressions? Hmmm?
Really nice. We have a lot of Hawks, and Eagles up the canyon and I love to see them. Such awesome wonders... makes me soo happy that we have these graceful birds and that they all don't need to be kept in a zoo in order to keep them around.

Locket Pocket said...

Really fantastic photos Leanne - could you post me some of those amazing pelicans please??? Lucy x

Bimbimbie said...

Thanks for looking in on me and saying hello*!*

Love these pelican photos .... made me sad too to see the fishing twine - people are so careless arghh!!

periwinkle said...

you take some great pictures, i think the eyes look like they are drawn on, that kind of not quite real look. Fishing twine..hmmm
lisa x

Kris said...

Pelicans are such characters! Beautiful photography. You have captured them brilliantly.

Leisa said...

Great photos Leanne. I love the one showing his beak - aren't they just amazing birds! I love watching pelicans at the beach.

meggie said...

Your Pelican shots are just amazing. I weep for the wildlife who die because of our selfish carelessness.

dutchcomfort said...

Those photos and the pelicans are amazing!
Sorry to see a hook in one of those beautiful creatures. Hope they can remove it!

Unknown said...

It's sad to see the destruction careless people can do to not only our waterways but also the lives of those defenseless wildlife that live there. 'PICK UP YOUR RUBBISH' I say. I hope that fishing line and hook can be removed soon. Great photo's too. Jo x

Anonymous said...

I have never seen a pelican that close and that detailed. Thanks for sharing this!!

KernowWitch said...

Hi Leanne, what amazing photos. Hope the Pelican keeps ok...I also enjoy the tales about Mel.Hope you don't mind but I mentioned your great blog on my blog. It's a pleasure to sit a while looking at your photos, crafts & reading your blog...Hugs Chrissy xx

Trudi said...

Pelicans must be the most photogenic birds! Beautiful pics as usual.

Teodo said...

Your pics are wonderful......and the pelicans are perfect models!
About the breast-cancer I totally agree with you, we must go and make controls!
ciao, ciao

May Kristin said...

Beautiful photos, Leanne! Thank you for sharing!

Grazia said...

I love your wonderful pictures Leanne!!!!
...with them I can dream your country....

Mrs Moog said...

Gorgeous photos - their faces look like they've been painted.

I hate fishing line - having rescued many a water bird in a previous job and seeing first hand the damage it can do.


Mary Ann said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!
Cheers! Mary Ann in Denmakr