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Monday, 30 June 2008

Mel does Port Adelaide

On Saturday afternoon as I was sitting drooling over Rosalie's new book, Mel started complaining that it had been ages since he was out and about.

Port Adelaide

Stina please note arm of chair obscures by Mel.

I relented and off we went, as we live close to Port Adelaide I thought that would be nice place to visit.

 Port Adelaide

We looked at the bridge but no boats came so it didn't open up.

 Port Adelaide

Ahoy me maties.

Being a monkee he thought he might climb the light house but only got this far.

 Port Adelaide

Then he decided to explore the Falie which used to be a training vessel but is now tied up in dock.

Port Adelaide Port Adelaide

 Port AdelaidePort Adelaide

Port Adelaide

Please note sign........... he couldn't read.

He really wanted to do this but there was only one cruise each day and we had missed it. That will have to be another outing.

Port Adelaide

Then the trouble started.

Port Adelaide has a lot of these.

Port Adelaide

 Port AdelaidePort Adelaide

Port Adelaide

Normally when Mel & I have an adventure Tony is with us but as he was working we were on our own. When I got home the family were totally amazed by this photo and are considering not letting me out alone any more.......

 Port Adelaide

Those big burly bikies were very accommodating.

Have a nice week and Mel will be back soon with another adventure.


dutchcomfort said...

I hope Mel can swim, he’s such a daredevil!
And drinking...
Port Adelaide seems to be a wonderful place!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Looks like Mel is leading you astray! Rosie's book looks fabulous (can't wait to see it) - what project are you going to make first?

Crafty Things said...

Don't know what they would be worried about. Mel looks pretty happy to me. Great set of photos!

Liz said...

How lucky are you to have Rosalies new book already. I am still waiting for mine to come it has been pre-ordered so hopefully it will arrive soon.
Lovely photos of your outing with Mel. Have been watching Mel's antics for awhile now. It was sad news when Monkee Maker decided to stop blogging for awhile but now we have adventures of Mel so thanks for indulging me and my daughter we have a great laugh.
Kind regards from Liz.

Stina Blomgren said...

Thankyou Mel... for taking Leanne on a tour so we got to see some lovely pictures!! I had my days big smile today!!
And Leanne...I did take notice...*LOL*.. and that book...really need to buy that one really quick!!

OzRose said...

Hello Leanne and Mel,
Looks like you both had lots of fun - of course Mel should be careful associating with the "big boys", before you know he will be wanting a bike of his own!!! LOL

jacquie said...

Mel is quite the monkey about town. Looks like a good time was had by all. Lucky you having Rosalie's book.

trash said...

Naturally those bikies were so accomodating, they recognised one of their own!!!!

Sorrow said...

Thanks for the wonderful smile! I am with Mel, time to do some wandering...
see some new faces, been to long in one spot.
Thanks...Love that funny monkey!

periwinkle said...

How on earth does Mel get into the places he does - must be his cheeky face.
lisa x

Cicero Sings said...

Tut, tut, tut! Who is being a bad example to whom I wonder? Do I detect that Mel has gained a bit of weight? He is looking a tad portly as he hugs his bottle! You really must warn him of beer bellies ... and all the other ills of drink!!!

Glad you had an overall good adventure!

seabreezequilts said...

Hi Leanne, We did the trip down the port a couple of weeks ago. My son insisted on going up the light house, Lydia and I sat down the bottom and got sick looking up at them waving at us from the lookout. Hope you didn't spend to much at the market, what I wouldn't give to go there on my own a 7 and 5 year olds aren't good to take into some of those stalls I kept worrying that they would knock something over.

KernowWitch said...

Hi Leanne, Harry's sulking after seeing Mel having fun & wants to know why he can't have a beer too.....Looked like you had fun as well....Chrissy x

Ally Jay said...

Looks like we are going to new a monkey whisperer soon before all this monkey business goes too far and someone gets hurt. He is certainly up for an adventure.

Locket Pocket said...

It looks like Mel has been trying to get you into trouble! I hope he knows how to look after you properly! Lucy x

Teodo said...

Ciao leanne and ciao Mel, I like your adventures.........
please go slowly with the bike.
ciao ciao

Mrs Moog said...

Hee hee - I love that you were out on your own taking these photos of Mel!!!

Also most impressed with you hitting the bar unchaperoned!

I've jut realised you'd disappeared off my Google Reader favourites so I'm playing catch up - I wasn't ignoring you :)


Unknown said...

Hi Leanne, Mel certainly had a busy day....he is very confident to approach bikies and use their dream machines for a picture. I always love reading about Mels adventures. Thanks for the laugh! Jo xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Mel,
I was researching 'Challenge's' via Google passing a few minujtes having lunch. I flipped to the end pages (instead of P1) of the results. I spied '365 challenge' and came across your site and quilt. Imagine my surprise when I see your 'out and about in Port Adelaide post'! I am even more surprised when I look up Quilty gal because I recognise her photo from a past life. I know it's a small world but I had no idea that went for cyberspace too.
Anyway, I thought your 365 quilt to be an exceptional effort and so very interesting.

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous adventure!!! Your photos of your outings are always so fabulous! Especially love the Haley shot!! And isn't Rosie's book great!!?? Thanks also for the reno sympathy - it is so yucky, I have decided I am not a renovator!!