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Tuesday 3 June 2008

Mothers Day Quilt

For Mothers Day Gemma & Lucas bought me this.

Mothers Day Jelly Roll

This is what it has became.

Mothers day quilt May 2008

It is such a great pattern and is so quick and easy to make I made the top in an afternoon. The pattern is by Colleen Archbold and is designed to use 1 Jelly Roll. I love this as I don't have to spend hours trying to figure out what fabrics to use.

I added a label.

Mothers day quilt May 2008

I quilted it using a template.

Mothers day quilt May 2008

I love it and last night found Lucas snuggled up underneath it on the lounge so he has also given it the tick of approval.

I know a lot of other girls out there have mentioned this site but it is worth a visit.

You know when you have a problem and it just snowballs well I am still having a few computer problems.......with all the work Sean has done we have used up all our fast internet hours and without changing our plan which is really good and we have never had this problem before, we are now on dial up speed. Blog reading is very slow and leaving comments is impossible............ I can do the dishes and clean the house while waiting for pages to load so if you don't hear from me up until the 15th that is why.


Sherry said...

Your quilt is just gorgeous. I just finished up a quilt with the Simplicity fabric...a simple altered 9 patch...a wonderful fabric! Your quilting is great too. Thanks for sharing!

Teodo said...

MERAVIGLIOSO (wonderful) quilt Leanne.
ciao ciao

May Britt said...

your mothers day quilt is beautiful. Perhaps this is a way to use my two jellyrolls.
I got lost in the quilting bloggers link. A lot of new bloggers to me there. And I even found myself there :)

Locket Pocket said...

Your quilt is stunning! What a lovely Mother's Day present - one day I might treat myself to a Jelly Roll - or persuade the other Lockets to treat me to one instead!!!

I popped over to the quilting bloggers page and was amazed to find myself there!

The good news is that I have finally plucked up the courage to start stitching your mini quilt - I just hope it works out!

Lucy xxx

Leisa said...

You just blow me away with the amount of work you put out Leanne - the quilt is just lovely. I know what you mean about internet - I am on go slow at the moment too - the joy of teenagers!!! At least mine comes back on the 9th!!!

Leah said...

I like your quilt (and yay for well trained children!). That's areally effective use of a jelly roll - now I have a reason to succumb to their temptation!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What thoughtful children! Your quilt is gorgeous - I have been tempted by the Jelly Rolls and it is great to see a completed project.

May Kristin said...

Your Mother's day quilt is gorgeous! How clever of your kids to give you the Jelly! And then to a question, which pattern did you use? I love it!

Anita said...

OH wow that is just gorgeous!!
I just bought my first jelly roll but it looks so pretty I don't want to open it LOL

Stina Blomgren said...

Leanne...what a wonderful Mothers Day gift...I will definetly give some hints until next year!!! And the quilt is just gorgeous...I´m so in love with that fabric line...and to see a finished quilt its wonderful!
A treasure!!

dutchcomfort said...

Mothers’ Day 2008 or 2007? OMG you’ve made that quilt in a blink! It’s lovely! A wonderful gift turned into a quilt for a lifetime!

Sweet P said...

That is a gorgeous quilt! Great job on it.

corry said...

You made a gorgeous quilt out of a jelly roll! What a wonderful gift!

Lynn said...

So pretty!

Cathi said...

That is a gorgeous quilt! Love those 3 Sisters fabrics!

Cicero Sings said...

Love your quilt! Nice pattern, nice colours! And since Mother's Day? Wow! Then I guess it is your winter. No sewing gets done here in the summer!!!

I like the idea that you can make that lovely quilt out of a jelly roll of fabric! How cool is that?!

Anonymous said...

That quilt is simply gorgeous, I love the colours.. calm and relaxing.

Thanks for the link about my Quilting Bloggers site.

Happy Quilting
Quilting Gallery

jacquie said...

This is beautiful. Hope the computer problems are solved soon.

Lorraine said...

great quilt! and Colleen taught me in the first class I took when I returned to SA from Tassie years ago....she is a talented designer......well done on the quick finish!!

Lorraine said...

great quilt! and Colleen taught me in the first class I took when I returned to SA from Tassie years ago....she is a talented designer......well done on the quick finish!!

Kris said...

You lucky thing! I love your mother's day present and what it has become is awesome! Nice job!

Unknown said...

Wow - it looks amazing!

Helz said...

Mother's Day... Jelly Rolls... Three Sisters... Moda All In One - Sure works for me! Need to start training My DD Up... I so just Luv the look of Jelly Rolls - maybe I will need two!

Mrs Moog said...

I love your quilt Leanne - the fabrics and quilting are gorgeous and the label is such a special touch :)


Levin said...

wow - that's fabulous. i used the exact same jelly roll but i have an entirely different sort of quilt. i love your pattern and i love your quilting - is it using your free motion thingy?

Trudi said...

Fabric is a great gift idea for a craftaholic and look at the wonderful result! A job well done.

annapaola said...

wawwww.... very good job....
If you go to my blog, I have a surprise for you :-))
anna paola

Grazia said...

I's a wonderful quilt!!!!
And all with jelly rolls...I can't believe it!!!!!
The result is fantastic!!!

Hanne said...

Lovely quilt and lovely label :-)

Beertje Zonn said...

Your mothers day quilt is beautiful.
Kind regards

Sonnja & Beertje Zonn
From the Netherlands

meggie said...

I just love your quilt!!
I have added the Quilting Bloggers logo.
I feel a fraud, as I dont quilt enough, but I would like to think some interested people will look at blogs from the list. There is whole wonderful world of quilting bloggers!!!