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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Hervey Bay

Wet Side Hervey BayAlign Center

I really enjoyed Hervey Bay it was warm and a great place to just walk around.


We drove to Toogoom one day this single tree looked very lonely.


Burrum Heads

This was Burrum Heads a short drive from Hervey Bay.

Foggy morning Hervey Bay

This was the view from our apartment window.
I sat and ate my breakfast each morning watching the whale watching boats leave.
This morning it was foggy but still warm.

Wet Side Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay has the best water park called Wet Side.
Imagine the fun as this bucket fills and then empties.

Wet Side Hervey Bay

Wet Side Hervey Bay

Fun for everyone even the teenagers.

Wet Side Hervey BAy

While walking out the Urangan Jetty we noticed these little crabs on the sand below.

Small crabs on Urangan beach

There were thousands. When you walk on the beach near them they bury themselves.

Small crabs on Urangan beach

Hervey Bay Urangan beach

Urangan Jetty is very long and when the tide is out there is a lot of sand.

Hervey BAy Urangan Beach

Trees I have never seen before with the most amazing roots.

Hervey Bay

Quaint old pub in Howard.

Howard Pub

A walk in the Botanic Park at Hervey Bay was full of excitement for Tony.......... being a pom he is not keen on lizards and crawly things.
He nearly died when this Goana dropped out of the tree and walked away.

Botanic Garden Hervey Bay

a little further along a frill neck soaking up the sun.

Botanic Garden Hervey Bay

he was OK with butterflies that looked like bark.

Botanic Garden Hervey Bay

not keen on insects............................. which I think were mating.

Botanic Garden Hervey Bay


Botanic Garden Hervey Bay

really not keen on webs ........... always wondering where the spider was

Botanic Garden Hervey Bay

Botanic Garden Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay has a fruit bat colony

Friut Bat

as they stretch their wings then wrap themselves up they do remind me of images in the movie Dracula.

Friut Bat


Jo in TAS said...

Beautiful snaps as always!

Karen said...

Me and you Tony. I have an absolute fear of lizards. I can just about cope seeing a snake but NOT a lizard.

seabreezequilts said...

Glad to see you didn't bore us with more brilliant sunshine lol. Had to take squid to the Dr's in pouring rain today the windscreen whippers were working overtime and she asked if we going to die. It has stopped raining now but give it 20 minutes and it will be school pickup and it will start again.
Love the nature shots, I quite like lizards, not so much spiders and love those crabs that would have been quite fun to watch.

Shirley said...

Sounds like a great place to be Leanne and a lot to see and do. We have a bat box on the front of our house(inherited from previous owners) and in the evening you can see them swopping around. Have never seen them drop out of the box though.

Lone's Andet Univers said...

Hi leanne
Just found your blog - and had to see and read the whole blog at one time. You take the most "gawjus" pics of nature and other things as well. always something to tell with a cam... Right?
Hugs from Denmark and

Jenny said...

Oh Leanne I am LOVING your awesome photos and feel like i am holiday too!!! Those whale ones were magnificent-such a wonderful experience for you-keep having fun:)

Unknown said...

I've been enjoying your travels but in particular today's post of Hervey Bay. It was my home for nearly 5 years. Living there was just bliss.

BubzRugz said...

Lovely pics, I feel like I am having a holiday too... those little crabs are amazing... Hugz

Debbie said...

Hi Leanne, I'm just wondering what type of camera you have, the photo's are amazing.

Sarah said...

Beautiful BEAUTIFUL pictures - so enjoyed looking at them...

What a LOVEY outlook from the apartment!

Jossie said...

Beautiful pictures. The scenery is amazing and the places are wonderful but I never went up that far. I am dead scared of creepy creatures like lizards and snakes.Even pictures with them give me goose pimples.

Mary said...

Wow...your shots are all so amazing and beautiful and detailed. Thanks for sharing them with us!

natalie said...

wow wonderful picture and experiences you share. Indeed, harvey is one of the perfect place to visit this spring.printing hervey bay