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Saturday 6 September 2008

Wooo Hoo The sun is shining

Yesterday Gemma and I went for a walk along the River Torrens for those who don't live in S.A. it is the river that runs through the city. Come with us and see what we came across.
First there was these.

Morning walk 5/9/2008

Morning walk 5/9/2008Morning walk 5/9/2008Morning walk 5/9/2008Morning walk 5/9/2008Morning walk 5/9/2008Morning walk 5/9/2008

The cygnets were so cute and the mums and dads didn't mind us getting too close however if another swan came close the dad would charge at them with a huge amount of gusto.

Morning walk 5/9/2008

Most had 2 babies but this mum had her hands/wings full with 4.

Morning walk 5/9/2008

Morning walk 5/9/2008

There were lots of swans and babies..........this is on the other side of the river and there were more there as well.

Morning walk 5/9/2008

Our walk heading down towards the zoo.

Morning walk 5/9/2008Morning walk 5/9/2008Morning walk 5/9/2008Morning walk 5/9/2008Morning walk 5/9/2008

The Cathedral.

Morning walk 5/9/2008

There was much cleaning of feathers.

Morning walk 5/9/2008

Oh and very ugly feet.

Morning walk 5/9/2008

The birds along the way.

Morning walk 5/9/2008Morning walk 5/9/2008Morning walk 5/9/2008Morning walk 5/9/2008Morning walk 5/9/2008Morning walk 5/9/2008Morning walk 5/9/2008Morning walk 5/9/2008Morning walk 5/9/2008Morning walk 5/9/2008

Um not a good look we thought he must have always seemed angry.

Morning walk 5/9/2008

Mother nature sure is clever what an amazing blue.

Morning walk 5/9/2008

This little chap was rather cute.

Morning walk 5/9/2008

Morning walk 5/9/2008

The fountain near Adelaide oval...said to be one of the most beautiful ovals in the world........I know this because Tony watches cricket 24/7.

Morning walk 5/9/2008

Morning walk 5/9/2008

Morning walk 5/9/2008

The sun is shining again today so I am happy.


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Amazing pics as always Leanne! So glad that spring is finally here!

Unknown said...

Such amazing photos ... wonderful - how do you take the duckies so close? Aren't ducklings just so cute and fluffysome ... I really enjoyed your post ;-) Thanks for the smiles

Pat said...

Beautiful photos Leanne! Some of the pictures made you feel as though you could reach out and touch them. You are very lucky to live in a beautiful, beautiful part of the world. I would love to visit there one day.

Mar said...

thank you so much for taking us with you! Love those ducklings, so precious.

Sorrow said...

you are really a professional wildlife photographer for some high end nature magazine, and your just humoring us with all these fabulous photo's!
double wow!

Jodi Nelson said...

Love every picture! Thanks so much for sharing. What a beautiful post! ooxx~jodi

jacquie said...

lovely walk...great photos...i feel refreshed!

em's scrapbag said...

Lovely birds. You take amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing

dutchcomfort said...

You can feel the fresh crispy Spring when looking at your photos.
They are so great!!
Thanks for a walk along the river.

Mrs Moog said...

Thank you for taking us on that lovely walk. Your photos are fabulous!
I love those little ducklings and the way you've captured the water in the fountains - wonderful!

I feel so refreshed after that lovely walk - what a great way to start the day :)


Deb said...

Leanne,Great photos, I especially like your photo of our pukeko, they are such special birds to our household here in NZ.(Its the bright cobalt blue one with the red beak, don't know what you call them in Oz.)They are the bird I named my blog after.

Jossie said...

So lovely to see your pictures and the start of spring in Australia while in Europe autumn is slowly coming in. Last century we lived in Australia for 4 years and I regognize some of the birds. We never made it to Adelaide but we saw Melbourne, Canberra en in those times the still very quiet and beautiful Gold Coast. We lived in Sydney which was awsome. I hope to return one day and see all we didn't manage when we lived down under.

Sarah said...

OMGsh those photos are amazing!

What such cute little swans. We cannot get close to the ones here - slightly difficult terrain/water area LOl

Chookyblue...... said...

wow are you sure you walked ...........looks like you got to busy taking wonderful photos.......

Helz said...

Fabulous Pix Leanne !!! Adore the Black Swans & their Goslings - Way Cute...

Crafty Things said...

Awesome photos. What a wonderful way to share the places that are a part of your day.

Teresa said...

Good Morning and thank you so much for sharing your pictures. I enjoyed going along on your walk with you! I do wish you could teach me how to post pictures better in blogspot. I can get them on my site, but have a time getting them arranged right. I never know how they are going to look until I post my blog as I have just a small screen to work with when writing a post. Your blog looks wonderful!

Melanie said...

Looks like yourspring is just about there--- enjoy it....

Elly D said...

What a beautiful park! Fabulous photos Leanne thank you for taking them and sharing with us all. The birds are so beautiful. Really enjoyed them.

Locket Pocket said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos! And very nice to see the sun too - it's been pouring with rain here for ages and there's more to come! Lucy x

Ally Jay said...

Truly superb photos. Love the sweet cygnets, so fluffy and precious. Is the blue bird a Pokeko?

periwinkle said...

i just love your photos, the more the merrier. I think my Hub wants to come to Australia for his 40th in a few years - he wants to go to some cricket matches yaaawn, so he just laughed at your Oval comment!! We actually had a little bit of sun today - justa few minutes inbetween the torrents of rain.
lisa x

Stina Blomgren said...

You are amazing with the camera...I just love the pictures... and the sun...its a happy moment...hope you will have a lot of sunny days...:0)

May Kristin said...

Thank you for letting us join your walk with these beautiful photos!

Bimbimbie said...

Hi Leanne, I was just about to leave a message on your latest post when I spotted the cygnets and had to keep scrolling through your gorgeous photos
... then I spotted Spike, so that's where he flew off to lol. By the way I like your felted iPod holder*!*