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Sunday, 14 September 2008

A few thing.


I have joined some "Snappy Friends" over here so if you like seeing different bits of Oz come see what we are up to.

I had a coffee with L on Friday to hand deliver my final PIF gift combined with my 100th post give away. We met a Cibo the sun was shining and we had a nice chat. This photo isn't particulaty good but I wanted to share Louis' face he had a ice cream you may have guesses it was chocolate and he enjoyed it very much.

Coffee with L

This is what I made it was one of my Loxton projects. The pattern is by Gail Pan. Only a couple more projects to finish from Loxton.


This was for L.


and this was for Emily the stitchery is a Leanne's House.

I am lucky enough to live very close to Hetties Patch and spend quite a bit of time there. Lorraine is a lovely person who without her encouragement I would never have written" my bag pattern". She has also encouraged me to take a class so on the last 2 Saturdays I did just that. I was rather nervous as when I go to class I don't do a lot except talk and tend to finish my projects at home. I was luck because the group of ladies who came were eager to learn and at the end of the 2 weeks we had nearly finished the bag. They only needed to line them, here are the finishes.


Just to make my first venture into taking a class more nerve wracking Granny Loz came which was very nice of her....it was good to have a familiar face in the class.
This is her nearly finished bag.



That's my lot for today better go attend to the house cleaning. Urrrrr


Jenny said...

Such a lot of lovely bags-well done for teaching-very brave of you!

Julie (Paddymummy) said...

If you are doing the bag class again Leanne I will come...I was interested this time but I am a memeber of a community garden and we had our open day on the first week...your bags look lovely...all the best Julie

Sherri said...

Your stitcheries and your bags are wonderful...what a fun post!

meggie said...

Lovely bags.
Lovely gifts!!

Gail said...

congrats on your first class....what a success!!! the projects for L and E look great...thanks for the lovely card..it cheered up my day!

jodie said...

congratulations on the class, your students did well.

Chookyblue...... said...

wow the bags look great and so nice to meet up with some bloggy friends..........

Grazia said...

What lovely works you did!!!!!
...and congrats on your next classes...I would like to be your student! :):)

Lorraine said...

The class was great......I have finished the lining and just need to get some mdf for the base.....it doesn't sit quite right because (as you well know!)I didn't cut the strips back to the right size....never mind - I love it and when it is full of baby stuff you won't be able to tell!!
thanks again for teaching the class it was excellent!

Oddbjørg said...

Lovely stitcheries and bags!

Sarah said...

Well done for doing the class! Now you have done one - the rest will be a breeze. I like their finished look.

I also like your stitched bag - YUM YUM

AND the Loxton stitching. MY you have been busy.

Levin said...

it was lovely catching up with you! i love the bags that were made in your class - especially lorraine's. i gather it is for the new grandchild.
emily loved her bag - she unwrapped it and ooh and aaaahed and then promptly left on her next adventure - hence her not thanking you herself. right now she is madly avoiding cleaning her room - hence her doing her homework!!
aaaah teenagers

Cathy said...

Wow!! Your PIF person was very lucky..Love the goodies!!! Well Done on the class also...Love Granny Loz's bag!! Have a good week, Cathyx

Locket Pocket said...

The class sounds fantastic and the bags look amazing!!! I really wish I could have been there too! Lucy x

Teodo said...

Congrats for your class.
I would like to learn with you......

All these bags are fantastic ...........all of them are wonderful and the one I prefer is the last.
ciao ciao

Christine said...

Wow ... lovely PIF gifts. The bags from your class look terrific, too.

Dawn said...

Glad all went well for your first class... The bags look fab.....I have come to a standstill with Loxton projects for the moment.....
Have a great week.
Dawn x

Mrs Moog said...

Congratulations on teaching your first class. Your students' bags look fantastic!!

Your stitcheries are beautiful. You make such lovely things :)


p.s. love that chocolatey face :)

Anonymous said...

well done teacher -- if i'd lived closer I would have been there :-)
lisa x