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Tuesday 30 September 2008

bloggy catch up

Thanks to all you lovely blog friends out there who have sent kind messages about my back. I am slowly improving but not a lot of sewing or blogging happening around here. Hence no comments or reading of blogs there are 774 posts waiting for me.
I did catch up with a fellow blogger last Friday. Trudi was in Adelaide on holidays so we arranged to meet at Hettie's Patch and have a coffee. Trudi must think I am mad after meeting me. Firstly I was like the crooked women hobbling along and then in the middle of our coffee I received a phone call from my closest friend who lives in the country saying she was in Adelaide having tests and that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. To say the least was a little upset so poor Trudi... perhaps when she comes to Adelaide again we could have another try.
I did introduce her to Hettie's Patch and she did leave with something in a bag.


Trudi was also kind enough to give me one of her patterns and if you head on over to her blog she is having a pattern give away of her latest pattern while she is on holidays.


The night before our catch up Lucas had given me a lecture at the tea table that I shouldn't meet people from the internet. He said you never know she may be an axe murderer. Trudi and I laughed as her son had said I might be a very large hairy bikie.

It was great meeting up with Trudi however I did feel terrible about my upsetting phone call in the middle of it.


jacquie said...

oh my goodness...i was overwhelmed by my 500 and some posts. so sorry to hear about your friend. i hope she can fight it. my son warns me about my blog friends just like i warn him. it's great that most folks out there are pretty honest.

Sorrow said...

But you do have to Love there concern for you..
You need to tell him sweetly that meeting online sewing ladies, is not quite the same as online dating...( snicker)
Sorry to hear that recovery is slow...
sending you light and wishing for a speedier mend!

Jenny said...

It must have been lovely to meet one of your blogging friends in person-axe murderer or not!!Sorry to hear about your friend-hopefully they have diagnosed it early and she can make a speedy recovery. Glad your back is getting better.

em's scrapbag said...

So sorry to hear about your friend. I hope all goes well with her. Glad you got to meet Trudi and that she is not an ax murder. Hope your back is improving. Happy stitching. Em

Lorraine said...

glad you are back...get it "back"...seriously tho hope all goes well for your friend .... never a good call to receive but worse to make I guess......I guess meeting a blog mate is a little different to online dating...I mean someone who creates patchwork patterns can't be all bad? Take it easy! and take care of yourself! I hope Lucas is helping out at home as well as giving good advice!

May Kristin said...

How nice to meet up with bloggy friends!
I'm so sorry for your friend. She will need all the support she can
Take good care of yourself!

Cathy said...

What a visual picture...An axe whielding,hairy bikie sitting at a sewing machine making a quilt!! Cathyx

trash said...

So sorry to hear about your friend.

Hope your back is feeling better soon.

Locket Pocket said...

So sorry to hear about your friend - I hope she manages to fight it. It's lovely being able to meet bloggy friends and I'm sure Trudi had a lovely time with you!

Lucy x

Kris said...

It was nice to meet you at Hetties today Leanne!

I think I would like the energy that axe-murderer must have! Imagine him (or even her) stitching along with all his usual axe-murdering commitments and even designing and publishing patterns and writing a blog just to fool you! Now that's commitment!

Hope your friend has lots of support! That really helps I think.

Stina Blomgren said...

Double sorry to hear...first of your back problems...and then the worst of them all.. believe I know...two friends of mine are struggeling...and it´s not easy...
I wish her all the luck...!!

Teresa said...

So nice you got to meet Trudy and I am sure she understood about your phone call. I had to laugh at your husband's concern of meeting any of us quilting bloggers. I can't imagine a better group of ladies!

Levin said...

lol - can you imagine a big hairy biker in hettie's patch. that almost makes me wet my pants with laughter.
i guess we should all have concerns about meeting people on the net, but really, what sort of deranged person would spend years posting pictures of quilts etc....just so he could lure them to a quilting shop and murder them???
although if any blogger asks you to come meet you in a forest in the middle of the night.......
ps i'm not surprised trudi left with a bag - who could leave that store without buying a little something

Mrs Moog said...

So sorry to hear about your friend Leanne. I do hope they have caught it early and that she can fight this terrible disease. (((hugs)))

Your meet up with Trudi looks lovely and anything involving fabric shopping is good for the soul...if not for the pocket!!


Elly D said...

So sorry to hear about your friend. Little wonder you got upset.

It is fun meeting up with people you've met on the internet. I recently met up with some ladies from an online pet rabbit group when I went down to Newcastle to catch a plain off on holiday. (they happened to live nearby) I got the same comments as you. We had a wonderful hour chatting before I had to go to the departure lounge.

Oh and you've been tagged.. :D

Daisy Jayne said...

It's lovely being able to meet bloggy friends and I'm sure Trudi had a lovely time with you!
Congratulations on being a winner... Cinderberrys giveaway.
Hope your back gets better soon....Unfortunately sad news about your friend.... sort off makes you realise ....what problems to I have.........reality check????

keslyn said...

I can assure you Trudi isn't an axe murderer but you probably worked that one out,so glad you two got to meet, sound like you are having a bad time, hope things go well with your friend, now is a time she will really need a good friend.
Here's to internet friends - I am looking forward to meeting up with some soon.

Jodie said...

With the amount of bloggers meeting up all over the world - we should all buy shares in an axe company.
Sorry to hear about your friend.

Annie said...

I'm sure Trudi would have understood - how great to meet up with bloggers - our pretend friends are real after all!

RG said...

Hi Leanne,
I am very soory also for the news of your friend. I went through cancer with my friend, (her cancer) and her diagnosis wasn't good, but she was determined and is still here when she shouldn't be. She says her friends helped her immensley.
Even when you feel like there's nothing you can do...let her know she's on your mind.
I made my friend a quilt and she took it everyhwere with her...still does.
My hugs to you both....it's really tough and shocking finding out.
Hope your back improves surely and that you'll be back sewing before you know.
I hope you ahve good friends around helping you through your back problems.
Robyn xx

RG said...

PS I bet Trudi didn't mind at all!
I reckon she'd be glad she was there for you. :o)