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Monday, 17 December 2007


I thought I would put some of my handmade Christmas projects on. I made this wall hanging at a workshop at Hettie Patch. Lorraine has set up a blog but with the usual Christmas rush needs a little time to fine tune it, have a look and leave her a comment this could be the inspiration she is looking for and once Christmas is over she will have the time she needs to get it set up. I have finally found a cloche so my lovely pears are now protected from dust(and there is a lot of it in my house).
A friend of my mothers gave her this reindeer years ago and I kept thinking I would cut a pattern off it and I finally did last year, he is quick and fairly easy to make.
A Tilda reindeer, I had a bit of a reindeer theme happening last year.
Finally on another note Lucas went paintballing yesterday and these are the bruises he came home with, they are really horrible about 20 of them went as a 18th birthday party. They all had a great time it doesn't look much like fun to me but I suppose when you are an 18 year old male it could.


Leisa said...

Glad you found a cloche - it looks great! My big boy loves the paintball experience too! I just can't imagine deliberately getting something shot at me that would make a mark like that!! Oh to be young maybe?

Grazia said...

You did many Christmas projects!!
The Tilda reindeer is very cute, I hope to do it next year.
I don't know what paintball is...I hope is something for fun and not real.....isn't it???
Merry Christmas Leanne!

Mrs Moog said...

I've never known bruises like the ones I got paintballing. That's why only ever went once!!!
Your pears look beautiful in their cloche. Do they do room or even house sized ones??
Great reindeers - I love the white one :)
Lesley xx

Cheryl said...

Reindeer is cute! And the only thing I can say about those bruises is OUCH!!!!

Locket Pocket said...

Love the reindeers - especially the Tilda one, or maybe the white one is my favourite! Can't decide!!! Have a lovely Christmas if I don't "speak" to you before!! Lucy xxx

Annie said...

ouch - for your son! Love your decs. I would like to make some of those delicious pears.

Nicky said...

hmm boys???
The cloche is perfect for the pears, they look lovey and are very nicely presented whilst still being protected.