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Wednesday 26 December 2007

I've had some strange comment

I have had a few problems with my emails. I'm thinking I have a virus which has wiped out my inbox. I have had some very strange comments left on my last post from Adam Brown. Has anybody else had any problems?????
I seriously wonder about these people they need to take up a useful hobby like stitching.
Does anyone know how to notify Blogger about this sort of problem.


Pat said...

I did see his comment. STRANGE! I agree with you,maybe he should take up stitching. I am sorry I can't help you with notifying blogger.

May Britt said...

I've got other stupid comments from anonymouse persons so I had to block for anonymouse comments.

Dannielle said...

I've received similar spam comments on my blog from a just plain "Adam". Makes me wonder if it's the same person.

Originally I just deleted them. Then it began occurring so often (several times a day) that I began moderating comments.

meggie said...

I have not had the problem, but have seen others mention this moron.

I hope your Christmas was wonderful.
I also wish you a joyous & safe New Year.
Hugs xx

Annie said...

Get rid of it somehow - he doesn't belong in our world at all. yuck!

Annie said...

Hi, this is jodie. I am at Annie's on her computer. Don't worry about the silly comments,it is just advertising spam. Do you have comment verification, where people have to type in the letters to post their comment. I got similar comments last week, I just deleted them and then enabled comment verification. I hope thats helpful.