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Monday, 3 December 2007

Look who's spoiling the apricot jam

This morning while I was hanging out the washing I spied 2 fruit thieves. Our neighbour has an apricot tree which has an abundance of fruit at the moment however it is not ripe enough to eat.
This one needed a bib.
This one was hanging upside down trying to get the best bits.
I am glad our neighbours do not put net over the tree to stop the birds, this usually ends up with the birds getting caught in the net and dying. Our neighbours are elderly and get very annoyed when the birds spoil a lot of the fruit. Last year they hung CDs in the tree, I'm not sure if it helped but at certain times of the morning I had a great light show in my kitchen when the sun came over and reflected off the CDs. There is generally enough fruit for all of us, we always get a few bowl fulls when they are ripe and my neighbour has enough to make jam.


Susan said...

Sounds like there is enough for the neighbors, you and the birds! They are beautiful, aren't they?

Locket Pocket said...

Stunning birds Leanne! I still can't get over the difference between our local wildlife! Lucy x

Annie said...

Beautiful Lorrakeets? I love apricots too. Old people are funny about things like that. My elderly neighbour gets so paranoid when I put pea straw out the front on the garden. He thinks someone will drop a cigarette and it will catch on fire.

meggie said...

I didnt realise the Lorikeets loved apricots! LOL. Why wouldn't they? I guess.
The Bluetongue lizards used to share our passion fruit. I loved to watch them eating them.

Leisa said...

Beautiful pictures Leanne - shame about the fruit but enjoy the beautiful birds while they visit.

Grazia said...

Wonderful nature!!!
Lovely pictures Leanne!

Monkee Maker said...

Hi Leanne,

I'm so glad you enjoyed my monkee-in-the-cupboard shot .... not everyone did!

And I'm so envious of the pretty birds that you have in your garden - fruit thieves or not - they beat our Starlings and Magpies hands down!


Sheri said...

We have to share our pears with squirrels, coons,deer and who knows what else.And still we get so many I beg people to come pick some.

weirdbunny said...

Wow, what a beautiful birds, and to have fresh apricots next door, wonderful !