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Married to Tony mother to 2 children Lucas 23, Gemma 26 & her boyfriend Sean. Carer for 2 crazy Jack Russells. I'm dyslexic so excuse any mistakes. The Stitching Room is where I spend my time playing with Clarice (my camera) and Bernie (my sewing machine). Come on in and see what I'm up to.

Sunday 2 December 2007

WIP and Visitor

This is what I have been working on. I showed the centre appliqué a few weeks back, I am now waiting on some weighs and length measurement to put along the sides and I will quilt it. The twins came early at 32 weeks but are doing well. They are friends grandchildren and are in England so when finished, Winnie will be winging his way over to England. Once again not a great photo as Tony was working and it was early Sunday morning so no chance Gemma & Lucas would be up so I paper clipped it to a stick and hung it on the gate.

Look who came visiting the other morning. Our 2 Jack Russells when absolutely crazy at the front door I am surprised they didn't go through the screen. Some how the ducks knew that the dogs were not a threat and waddled along the verandah to the front door. We live very close to a lake which is salt water but the ducks still swim in it. I have a pond in the front yard which I think attracts them.
Tony then thought he would give them some bread which they happily gobbled up.


Jodie said...

What cute visitors !!!

Nicky said...

The quilt will be such a lovely thing for the twins to have as they grow up! How nice to think it will be flying to the lucky recipients on the other side of the world.

Grazia said...

The Winnie the pooh block is so cute!!!! It will be a great quilt!
Your visitors were lucky.....with my jack Charlie they couldn't arrive so close....:):):)

Mrs Moog said...

The quilt looks lovely so far. What a beautiful way to mark their birth.
Nice ducks!

Sheri said...

Sweet visiters.We used to have an inground pool and every spring the ducks would drop by a few times. When I let the dogs out they would run around the pool barking and the ducks would simply swim to the middle and look unconcerned. Made the dogs crazy.

Annie said...

What lovely visitors - and a nice welcome. Winnie looks great and so does your front garden.